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Spiritual Check-Up Pt I

Spiritual Check-up

Proverbs 17:22

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. (NIV)

Here  we learn that a person’s mental outlook has a lot to do with recovery from sickness or accident. A cheerful disposition is a powerful aid to healing. A broken, disconsolate spirit sap’s a person’s vitality. (vs. 22)

Beloved we have dealt briefly in the last two devotions about brokenness, today we look at a scripture that deals with making the spirit whole. This scripture deals with a solution that will help you heal a wounded spirit and a warning against a gloomy, downtrodden disposition.

A renewed mind that views life the way God sees it because that is the way life really is can keep you healthy; emotions that are brought under control so that they do not keep you off balance all the time, so subject to moods that no one knows whether you are going to be in a good or a bad mood: and, above all, a spirit that is in touch with the living God, that is not merely living for the visible things of life, but sees a relationship with God himself as the most important factor in life. That is godliness, balanced wholeness.”
Every human being in this world wants to be a whole person, wants to “get it all together,” we say. We want to find all the elements possible within ourselves and put them together so they function properly, and we become whole persons.

Simply put, Christ is the missing piece in life, he is the key to wholeness, to living a balanced and complete life, focused on God.

My Christian friends it’s time we go to our doctor; Jesus Christ, and get a spiritual check-up.  For emotions, if they go on checked for an unspecified amount of time can make you ill.  They can make hair fall out by the handful, bring on splitting headaches, clog nasal passages, make eyes and nose water with asthma and allergies, tighten the throat with laryngitis, make skin break out in a rash, even cause teeth to drop out.  Emotions can plague one’s insides with ulcers and other hard pressed complications.  Emotions that leads to a crushed spirit can give wives miscarriages, make husbands impotent and much more.  Beloved emotions can kill.

Today my brothers and sisters Christ wants to make you whole. Allow God to take those broken pieces in your life and prescribed a proper diagnosis that will make you better than you’ve ever felt before.  Are you suffering from depression?  Get a spiritual check-up.  Do you have bouts of loneliness?  Get a spiritual check-upDo you have fits of rage?  Get a spiritual check-up. 

Come to my Father’s spiritual clinic and tell Him about your problems, I guarantee you’ll walk out much better than you walked in.  The best thing about it is there is no CHARGE, for Jesus already paid it all.


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                                                    Humbly submitted by: a servant of God                                     

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